We know that University life can be full of challenges. So let us help you with the challenge of keeping your laundry done. That's one thing you do not need to be worrying about.
We have package deals arranged to keep you on budget as well as in clean clothes!
1 X basket load per week =  $29
2 X baskets per week = $55
3 baskets per week  = $82
Invoiced monthly or pay for each semester in advance. (prices ex GST)
Delivery $5.50. (pick-up free)
  • Garments turned right side out & socks pulled straight.
  • Whites, mediums & dark garments appropriately separated before wash. Leave the sorting to us.
  • Each load checked for complete drying.
  • Each load immediately removed from dryer and meticulously folded.
  • Socks matched & folded in pairs.
  • Your laundry is not mixed with other peoples laundry.
  • We give you an inventory to keep track of your items. The inventory sheet is returned with your items.
  • Pick-up and delivery: $5.50
  1. We will sort your clothes into whites, medium colours, and dark colours before wash.
  2. BUT you will need to make sure that your socks are separated and not balled up.
  3. Make sure there aren't clothes inside of clothes e.g. like two shirts you took off together, or underpants and shorts that came off together.
  4. Complete the inventory sheet for each week, then you will be able to keep track of what you have had laundered. The inventory sheet will be delivered back to you with your clean laundry. Special instructions should be written on the inventory sheet.
  5. Check your pockets -  we do our best to look after your laundry but if lipstick or felt tip pen get into the wash... Hey presto, we have a mess! We have even had cigarette lighters get through the wash and into the dryer!!! Roasted jeans! Of course, we are not liable for the consequences in these situations.
  6. If there is an incident such as colour run on objects in the wash, we will write a note on your inventory sheet and you can phone us to get details and discuss issues and possible solutions.
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